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Cosmetic, general, and sedation dentistry

Life-like, natural looking porcelain veneers, crowns & bridges

Composite Resin Bondings: Invisible, natural tooth color restorations

Composite resin (tooth colored filling) was used to restore Vale’s fractured tooth. Minimal tooth structure was removed for this procedure. This case demonstrates Dr. Vu’s skills and artistry in seamlessly blending the composite resin to the remaining natural tooth structure.

Vale, a 12 year old fractured his front tooth.





Micro-abrasion: a comfortable way of removing tooth decay by using a safe powder spray under pressure. No drilling or anesthetics (shots) is used in this procedure.

Teeth whitening in only 2 hours: this is an in-the-office procedure using Zoom 2 system (the same procedure used in the ABC’s Extreme Makeover TV program).

Invisalign: a technique to straighten teeth by using aligners (removable clear trays). With each succeeding aligners, the teeth are moved into the ideal smile position. The aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and removable for eating, easy cleaning of teeth and for any social occasions. This system also allows you to see a computer generated, 3-dimensional view of the final results before you start.


Mini-implants for retention of dentures: this is an affordable, minimal invasive treatment to secure and hold dentures in place with exceptional results. At the end of the half day procedure, you will able to eat without denture adhesive.

Intra-oral camera: view on a monitor screen what Dr. Vu diagnose’s. See it for yourself. Complimentary service

Sedation Dentistry: for those who need a more relaxed state by taking a pill before a dental appointment. This is a very safe and comfortable procedure and dental treatment may be completed in one to two appointments.